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Welcome - I am Paula Kench, a qualified, professional freelance proofreader and editor, trained by Chapterhouse Publishing and the College of Media and Publishing

I live and work in Thornton village, West Yorkshire (UK), where the famous Brontë family was born (hence the link to some of our literary history)

My aim is to provide competitive, quality editorial and proofreading services to help individuals, authors, businesses and organisations perfect their writing so their messages are clear, concise, accurate, professional and powerful

I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP), formerly the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP)

It also helps that I am an avid bookworm with eclectic tastes and you'll typically find me with my nose in a book or two (sometimes three!). I’m currently reading 'Black Ops' by Stephen Leather, 'The Legacy Human' by Susan Kaye Quinn and following the sad and untimely passing of one of my favourite authors (Terry Goodkind) I am rereading the 'Sword of Truth' series, topped off by narrating the 'Minecraft Creeper Diaries' by Mark Mulle to my seven year old grandson, over video links due to the CV19 pandemic

Specialties: Proofreading & Editing
Fiction - My preference is Fantasy and Sci-Fi, but I'm willing to consider any genre in fiction.
Non-Fiction - Technical: Service Lifecycle Management, Service Strategy & Design, Service Provision, Service Desk, Service Run, Service Relationship Management, Service Introduction & Transition, Service Governance, IT Governance, Audit & Risk and Operational Improvement

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I left my information technology career in August 2019 after 34 years, through voluntary redundancy, to look after my disabled mother full time, following the sudden death of my father to cancer

As a senior IT manager, most of my time was taken up with formulating service and governance strategy, coaching and mentoring my teams and other colleagues. This involved reviewing presentations, board reports, policy, procedural and other documentation and providing constructive feedback (grammatical and structural) to their authors, helping them to produce professional and impactful documentation. So, it seemed a natural segue for me to pursue a career in the proofreading and copy-editing profession
  • Thornton, Bradford, England, United Kingdom

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