In brief - this is what will be reviewed during proofreading if applicable:

  • Paragraphs and pagination

  • Spelling and typographical errors

  • Application of the relevant style guide

  • Marked up with proof-correction symbols (if required)

  • Consistency

  • Accuracy

  • Illustrations

  • Chapter and/or section titling

  • Running heads and headings

  • Fonts, alignment and line length

  • Colours and overall page design

  • Queries clearly identified

For online content –

  • Agreed page mark-up method

  • Navigation and page location

  • Multimedia verification

  • Alternative descriptions (alt tags)

  • Links

  • Alternative versions

  • Content management system effects

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For a more detailed description of proofreading activities, please see the Chartered Institute of Editors and Proofreaders  (CIEP) website.

Proofreading Services from Brontë follow the Code of Practice set out by the CIEP.