Editing (copy editing) is usually done at an earlier stage than proofreading and is a vital part of the traditional publishing process. In the context of publication in print, copy editing is done before typesetting and again before proofreading, which is the final step in the editorial cycle.

In brief, this is what will be reviewed with copyediting:

Everything you get with proofreading plus...

  • Grammar and spelling 

  • Awareness of redundancy, ambiguity 

  • Logic of textual structure 

  • Author queries 

  • Copyediting symbols 

  • Mark-up for formatting and typesetting 

  • Handwriting (copyeditors notes will be legible)

  • Prelim pages and end matter 

  • Illustrative material

  • Cross-references

  • Indexes

  • On-screen editing

  • Copyright

  • Legal issues

  •  For online content - 

    • Making content web friendly,

    • Summarising 

    • Link writing 

    • Splitting content 

    • Site mapping 

Brontë offers three levels of editorial services tailored to your specific needs:

Level 1: Technical

This is non-intrusive copyediting and the basic mark-up for the typesetter or client. 

The client wishes the material to be prepared for publication but is willing to accept the bulk of the text as received with minimal intervention

Inconsistencies and infelicities are nevertheless dealt with and copyediting includes everything you get with proofreading.

Level 2: Structural

This is where more editorial intervention in language and phrasing may take place. 

It can often apply to multiauthor works when presentation is uneven. 

In addition to the requirements of the Level 1 copyediting, the publisher or client will have agreed with the author that the text requires structural intervention for clarification.

This work constitutes rephrasing as necessary rather than rewriting.

Level 3: Substantive

The publisher or client will have agreed with the author (who is primarily an information provider and not necessarily an experienced writer) that reconstruction and rewriting are necessary in order to adapt the material for its defined market, as well as Level 1 copyediting and mark-up.

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To find the right editorial service for your needs including pricing, getting a quote or getting in touch... simply click on the client option above that best represents your sector/niche and browse the options available. 

For a more detailed description of editing activities, please see the Chartered Institute of Editors and Proofreaders (CIEP) website.

Editorial Services from Brontë follow the Code of Practice set out by the CIEP.