Everyone needs an unbiased critique of their work. Sharing your manuscript with friends, family, and colleagues may get you some pats on the back, as these are the people who know the sacrifices that you've made. But none of these people can give you the honest and objective manuscript critique that you need to take your work to market

If you want to increase your chance of success, you need the unvarnished opinion of a professional editor. If this sounds like you, Brontë's Manuscript Critique service is just what you need

So, tell Mum you love her and thank her for reading your work

Then get some advice you can actually put to good use

What will you receive?

  • An easy-to-follow critique of your manuscript that is 1–2 pages in length (in a Word™ file)
  • An assessment of the elements that might affect the saleability of your manuscript
  • Suggestions for revisions of the major issues
  • An analysis of the key elements, such as plot, dialogue, characterisation, structure, coherence, consistency, and organisation

What types of manuscripts can you use this service for?

  • Books, novels, novellas, and short stories
  • Plays and screenplays
  • General nonfiction (memoir, biography, self-help, gardening, etc.)

Rest assured, your work will always remain private and confidential; your uploads are safe and secure

Brontë handles most file types, and I look forward to working with you

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